County Invites Seniors to Computer Classes

Seniors may also volunteer as teachers

Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell has invited seniors interested in learning about computers to register for a variety of classes offered by the Putnam County Office for the Aging at the Putnam Valley Senior Center, 117 Town Park Lane, Putnam Valley and the Koehler Senior Center, 180 Rt. 6, in Mahopac. The Program is supported by the Putnam County Office for the Aging, Friends of Senior Citizens of Putnam County, and a grant from New York State Office for Aging.

From left, Philip “Flip” Forsberg, Charles Antonopulus, Nick Karanasos and Joan Quaile. Photo courtesy of the Putnam County Office for Aging

Classes being offered are Computer Fundamentals, Maintaining Your Computer, Internet and Email, Digital Photography, Picasa and many more. They also offer free workshops such as How to Buy a New Computer, Copy and Paste, Word Processing, Setting up Your New Tablet, Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows Explorer, Everything Mac, Computers for the Utter Novice, Medical Information Online, and How to Drastically Cut Costs in Difficult Financial Times. Suggestions for other workshops are always welcome.

These classes are taught by volunteers. Anyone age 55 or over with computer skills is encouraged to become a volunteer teacher. To learn more about the classes, workshops, or to volunteer, please call Cathy O’Brien at 845-628-6423, email her at c.o[email protected], or visit the website at

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