Battle of the Books: The Great Wide Sea

A Battle of the Books review

By Aidan Cimino

Editor’s note: Butterfield Library’s 2012 Battle of the Books team members will be reviewing each of their books. See the archives for previous stories.

I recently read The Great Wide Sea by M.H. Herlong. This book is about three brothers, their dad and a boat. Their father decides to sell the house and sail around the world in a new boat. Ben, the oldest brother, isn’t happy. A terrible storm hits and the boys wake up with their dad and the radio gone. They also discover a poem in their dad’s handwriting that looks mysteriously like a suicide note.

This was a really good book for fans of realisitc fiction. I liked this book mostly because there was always something interesting happening.  Even when nothing was going on in the real world, Ben would always be thinking or remembering something that would catch your attention.

Readers who enjoyed The Cay, Kon Tiki and The Swiss Family Robinson will be satisfied with this read. This story of family and sailing will have you hooked. I know I was.

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