Living Yoga Studio Comes to Cold Spring

‘Yoga for Everyone’ in Putnam County

Courtney Tarpley, Liz Schulman and Richard Villella

A new yoga studio geared toward students of all ages and abilities will open on Oct. 1. Located on Route 9, Living Yoga will offer a warm and encouraging yoga studio for everyone from novice to advanced practitioners. The studio is owned by three yoga teachers from the area and will feature multi-level vinyasa, or flow, classes.

Owners Liz Schulman, Courtney Tarpley and Richard Villella said they are looking forward to showing their students the life-long benefits that yoga has to offer.

“Yoga impacts all levels of your life,” Schulman said. Classes will be taught in the flow style with an emphasis on safe and correct alignment, as well as a focus on the breath and an awareness of the spiritual foundation of yoga. “Our style reflects the respect we have for the rich history and traditions of this practice, combined with the desire to modernize it and bring it to everyday people, like us.”

The three partners stress that at Living Yoga, weight and flexibility should not deter anyone considering classes. The instructors will be very hands-on and offer variations to every position. “Yoga conforms to the person, not the person to yoga,” Tarpley stated. “We are all imperfect; come as you are!”

Villella says yoga is beneficial to those suffering from chronic pain or injuries and can improve an athlete’s performance in a variety of sports, including running, golfing, and even biking. “Many injuries athletes suffer are repetitive stress injuries,” he said. “Athletes today need to develop strength, flexibility and conditioning.”

In fact, Villella, who has been voted the best yoga teacher in the U.S. two years in a row by Allure magazine, is a former professional football player who recently brought his yoga classes to the Haldane football team. Coach Jeff Sniffen said, “Richard’s instruction was awesome, the workout was intense, and the kids felt great! I went through the workout myself, along with my assistants, and we haven’t felt better in years!” Sniffen said the instruction gained was “invaluable,” and that he and the team are looking forward to more classes.

Schulman ran the Yoga Co-op at The Garrison for 9 years, and Villella and Tarpley are the former owners of Yoga Zone, a highly successful group of yoga studios in New York City. Villella maintains a private practice. His clients have included Tom Brokaw, ex-New York Knick and ex-Senator Bill Bradley, Candice Bergen, Sydney Pollack and Gloria Steinem.

Living Yoga is an eco-friendly, 1,500-square-foot studio located at 3182 Route 9 in Cold Spring. The studio will be open seven days week, offering classes at varying times each day. Private classes are available, as well as a 200-hour teacher-training program. All teachers at the studio are Living Yoga trained.

Living Yoga will host an Open House on Saturday, Sept. 29, from 1 to 5 p.m. Guests will have the opportunity to see the new studio space and meet the teachers. Refreshments will be served, a raffle for free classes will be held, and discounted class cards will be available at 10% off. For more information, call 845-809-5900, or visit

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