Get Your Goosebumps on at Boscobel’s Ghost Tours

Popular paranormal tours sell out quickly

Ghosts, hauntings and supernatural tales of strange events go far back into ancient history, so what better place to look for old spirits than a historic house? Boscobel offers a guided ghost tour in the twilight hours during the Halloween season.

One of last year’s ghost tours in progress at Boscobel. Photo by Veselin Cuperick

Author and paranormal investigator Linda Zimmerman and her partners will lead tour groups through the dimly-lit halls of Boscobel mansion on two evenings this October. Accompanying Zimmerman will be psychic and self-proclaimed psychometrist, Barbara Bleitzhofer, who will be using her sixth sense to determine what spirits are present and why they are there.

Each group leader will be armed with specialized equipment to detect the possible presence of supernatural entities and will talk about their previous and mysterious findings inside Boscobel, as well as explain their techniques for spying supposed specters.

Each eerie evening begins with a presentation about Zimmerman’s paranormal findings on past investigations of Boscobel and other Hudson Valley locations and will take place in the lower level of Boscobel House. Zimmerman researches and uncovers what she feels is evidence of the existence of ghosts throughout the tri-state area.

Additional tours have been added, each limited to 15 people. Advance ticket purchase is required. Tickets can be purchased by phone 845-265-3638, in person any day but Tuesday, or online at Ghost Tour dates are Thursday, Oct. 18 and Friday, Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. sharp. Admission price includes a copy of Zimmerman’s book, Ghost Investigator: Volume 8, which includes her investigation at Boscobel. Cookies and cider will be served.

This event is recommended for children 12 and over due to potentially frightening material. Parental discretion is advised, since the presentation involves potentially frightening paranormal material. For more information, visit

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