Seniors may volunteer as teachers

Seniors interested in learning computer skills can register for a variety of classes offered by the Putnam County Office for the Aging at both 117 Town Park Lane, Putnam Valley Senior Center and 180 Route 6, Mahopac, William Koehler Senior Center.

The next registration will be held on Thursday, Oct. 4 at Putnam Valley and Mahopac from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Classes being offered are Computer Fundamentals, Maintaining Your Computer, Internet and Email, Digital Photography, and many more. New this season is a class for ipads. The agency also offers workshops on How to Buy a New Computer, Copy and Paste, Word Processing, Setting up Your New Tablet, Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows Explorer and Scanning slides and pictures into your computer. Suggestions for other workshops are  welcome.

All classes are taught by the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Anyone age 55 or over is encouraged to become an RSVP volunteer in our program. Coaches are always needed, especially in the Computer Fundamentals classes.

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  1. I highly endorse the programs at both the Putnam Valley and Mahopac Senior Centers. I taught classes at both facilities for four years and our success rate was notable. Great management, terrific instructors and committed volunteers. It’s never too late to start to gain confidence and enjoyment in our new technological environment.

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