Make a Good Choice Presented at Haldane

Students performing with Lou Del Bianco, left to right: Sophie Sabin, Sofia Salazar, Quentin Conroy, Aleksander Danilov, Megan Ferreira and Luca Van Dommele Photo courtesy of Haldane

Lou Del Bianco presented his “Make a Good Choice” character-education assembly to Haldane students in grades kindergarten through 2. Del Bianco used original songs, stories, humor and audience participation to take the children on a journey through his childhood’s good and not so good choices. The students learned the cool rap song “Make a Good Choice” and were spellbound as they listened to Del Bianco’s childhood tales.

This program reinforced the concepts of respect, honesty, kindness, tolerance, responsibility, perseverance and cooperation. This learning experience was made possible for the children through a grant from the Haldane School Foundation.

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