Permit Sought to Demolish Butterfield

Public hearing set for Nov. 7

By Michael Turton

Kathleen Foley, Peter Downey, Al Zgolinski, Carolyn Bachan, and Marie Early of the HDRB set Nov. 7 as the date of a public hearing to consider an application to demolish Butterfield Hospital. Photo by M. Turton

Of the numerous discussions held in recent months regarding the fate of the former Butterfield Hospital, the one that took place at the Oct. 10 (Wednesday) meeting of the Cold Spring Historic District Review Board (HDRB) might just have been the shortest.

Matt Moran of Butterfield Realty LLC, which seeks to establish a mixed-use development on the site, appeared before the board with an application for a certificate of appropriateness, which, if approved, would permit the demolition of most of the building. The original 1925 structure would be razed along with additions completed in 1941 and 1963. The Lahey Pavillion, which houses a number of medical offices, would remain intact.

The application to demolish the building will now be the subject of a public hearing, which the HDRB set for Wednesday, Nov. 7 — a meeting that undoubtedly will not be nearly as brief. HDRB Chairman Al Zgolinski recommended to Moran that he review an environmental-impact statement associated with the old lumberyard on Cold Spring’s waterfront prior to the public hearing. The lumberyard was demolished to make way for the condominiums that now occupy that site. Zgolinski said the report summarized the site’s resources and provided a rationale as to why demolition was permitted.

HBRB member Carolyn Bachan asked Moran what would become of the “hyphenated link” between the old hospital and the Lahey Pavillion. “It comes out,” he replied. When board member Marie Early questioned how the demolition would affect grade levels on the Butterfield site, Zgolinski said that it was premature to get into such detailed discussions until the application for demolition is dealt with.

The entire process took little more than 10 minutes.

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