Mayor Rearranges Village Board Trustee Positions

On Thursday, Oct. 11, Cold Spring Mayor Seth Gallagher sent the following release in order to explain decisions made this week to reinstate Village Board Trustee Chuck Hustis to positions from which he was removed this summer (see article of Aug. 9) and to rearrange positions among the other trustees, especially Trustee Bruce Campbell’s replacement of Trustee Matt Francisco’s position as liaison to the Historic District Review Board (HDRB). (See coverage of this week’s Village Board meeting with the HDRB Monday and the Village Board’s regular meeting Tuesday.)

“In an effort to move forward so that we can more evenly share the substantial workload that is before the Village Board, I have talked to the board members individually today and have decided to rearrange some of the assignments so that all can more fully participate. I really feel all the board members are currently contributing a lot to the village, and furthermore that the work of the board requires ‘all hands on deck.’ I also want to ensure that all board members have the opportunity to participate fully in their roles as trustees of the village.

“For this reason I have decided to reappoint Trustee Hustis to the positions that he had held earlier this year, liaison to the ZBA, Chamber of Commerce, and to Philipstown. In conversation with him, he has told me he is supportive of taking these responsibilities on again. It is time to move ahead, and we need his help with all the work that needs to get done. Obviously, this affects other board members as well, and I have spoken with them all regarding the changes.

“The changes regarding Trustee Hustis’ appointment means that Trustee Campbell and Trustee Falloon will no longer fill the three liaison positions mentioned above. Additionally, to better spread the workload, I am appointing Trustee Campbell as HDRB liaison (since he is no longer liaison to the ZBA), while keeping Trustee Francisco in his appointed spot as liaison to the Planning Board. So for the three appointed boards: Trustee Hustis will be liaison to the ZBA, Trustee Francisco will be liaison to the Planning Board, and Trustee Campbell is liaison to the HDRB.”

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