Temporary Water Main Ruptured but Fixed

At approximately 9:30 a.m. Monday (Oct. 15), the 6-inch temporary water main on Fishkill Road ruptured when a delivery truck hit one of the couplings. While the coupling was repaired within minutes by Mainlining Services Inc. (MSI) personnel, it took about half an hour to restore full pressure to the system.

An unfortunate result of the break is discoloration in much of the distribution system. Residents are advised to run their cold water until clear.

On a positive note, backfill of trenches on Fishkill Road began Monday after leak detection was completed. Once the newly lined 10-inch water main is flushed and disinfected, it can go back in service, and some of the temporary PVC piping will begin to disappear in the Nelsonville area.

Temporary water service is now being installed on Main Street between Pearl Street and Morris Avenue. Residents are asked to be receptive to MSI personnel while they perform these temporary hookups. Any questions should be directed to Project Superintendent James Cox at 301-343-1602. Questions or concerns can also be directed to the Water Department by email: [email protected] or to the Village Office at 845-265-3611.

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