Garrison Fire Company Elects Leaders

The Garrison Volunteer Fire Company (GVFC) on Friday announced the results of its recent annual election of officers, who are scheduled to be formally commissioned on Nov. 17. On the firematic, or firefighting duty, side, the company chose the following: Chief, Bill Rimm; Assistant Chief, Bob Langley; Captain, Joe Fronio; 1st Lieutenant, Dan Sussman; and 2nd lieutenant, Jamie Copeland. As civil officers, the company picked Betsy Calhoun as president, Chris Marrison as secretary, Brad Miller as treasurer, and Dennis Rotenberg as board member.

Current and continuing members of the GVFC Board of Directors are Dean Anderson, John Giardiello, Peter von Bergen, and Michael Del Monte.

In a news release, the GVFC said that “we thank all former officers for their commitment and dedication to our company and to our community.  In particular, we would like to recognize Capt. Wendy Heintz for her exemplary service and for providing a role model for younger members.”

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