Four Artists Present Hudson Valley Views Starting Nov. 3

Gallery 66 NY is proud to present Through the Lens, Behind the Brush and Under Fire, Hudson Valley Views, where artists Tarryl Gabel, Lori Adams, Tom Holmes and Janine Lambers exhibit quite different versions of what they see when they view the Hudson Valley through their artistic media. The gallery will hold an opening reception for the artists on Saturday, Nov. 3 from 6 – 9 p.m. at 66 Main St. in Cold Spring.

‘Jacks Castle’ oil painting by Tarryl Gabel (Image courtesy of Gallery 66 NY)

Tarryl Gabel depicts beautiful landscapes of the region through the brush in her medium of oil paintings. Gabel, born and raised on a cattle ranch on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, N.D., was inspired and encouraged by her grandfather, a self-taught western artist. Living in the Hudson Valley now for 25 years, she focuses on the landmarks and landscapes of this region and throughout New England.

Gabel prefers to work plein air (on location in the open air when possible). She was voted Hudson Valley Best Artist by readers of Hudson Valley Magazine for 2011 and had the honor to be chosen to paint an ornament for the White House Christmas tree, representing Franklin D. Roosevelt’s home and now a part of their permanent collection.

Lori Adams sees the valley through the lens of her camera. Her landscape photography provides a study of nature and botanical subjects. It reaffirms the importance of preserving open space and natural lands. Adams is a published author and a fellowship grant recipient from the Woodstock Center of Photography.

Photography by Lori Adams (Image courtesy of Gallery 66 NY)

Tom Holmes sees the valley under fire. He works in stone, metal, wood, light, ice and water. Utilizing these elements in response to the natural environment, Holmes crafts art for the changing seasons. He works seasonally, tracking the weather. Different temperatures demand independent responses to materials and approaches.

Janine Lambers sees the Hudson Valley through the brush. Trained in Germany, Lambers transforms the ancient process of silver leafing and its traditional embellishing techniques into contemporary works of art. Through layers of gesso, clay and gilding leaf, she creates landscape and water scenes that express the duality and simultaneously the completeness of the world we live in. Nature is her greatest inspiration. Contrast in her work is achieved by manipulating the silver through various processes including burnished and matte variations of the leaf, sgraffitos and oxidations.

All four views can be seen Nov. 3 through Dec. 2. For more information, call Gallery 66 NY at 845-809-5838 or visit

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