Van Brunt Installation in Theo Ganz Studio Opens Dec. 8

Projections on sculpture on view nightly till Dec. 30

While Prints Without Pixels, curated by Hiro Ichikawa, continues through Dec. 30, Theo Ganz Studio also presents Carl Van Brunt’s Triple Zero Wonderland installation in the front window. The opening reception is on Beacon’s Second Saturday, Dec. 8 from 6 to 8 p.m. The projection of his fractal-generated abstractions will run nightly from dusk until 9 p.m. through Dec. 30.

‘Triple Zero Wonderland’ by Carl Van Brunt

Van Brunt described Triple Zero Wonderland on his website as referencing “in an open-ended way the Buddhist notion of Emptiness. On a literal level, the sculpture is made from three zeros and is meant to represent in a highly abstract manner a seated Buddha meditating. The images projected on a sculpture are a representation of the content of that meditation.”

Although he started as a painter, Van Brunt has been using computers to make pictures for over 25 years, and his blog contains a thoughtful record of his imagery and paintings. His goal has always been to extend the “painterly process into the digital realm,” and his recent return to the use of fractals inspired him to explore combinations of layers of patterns, colors and textures.

When he isn’t in his virtual studio, Van Brunt continues to multitask and participate in the art scene on several fronts. His gallery in Beacon promoted the work of regional artists for nine years. He is gallery director at Woodstock Artists Association and Museum. Van Brunt Projects promotes the work of Hudson Valley artists through pop-up exhibitions and art fairs, and he is curating the SUNY New Paltz Faculty Exhibition, Fields of Vision, which opens in April.

Theo Ganz Studio is located at 149 Main St. in Beacon. Hours are Friday through Sunday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. and by appointment by calling 917-318-2239. This installation is viewable every night from the outside from dusk until 9 p.m. starting Dec. 8 through Dec. 30. For more information, visit

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