Fire trucks escort St. Nick on tight schedule

The Continental Village Volunteer Fire Department will escort Santa Claus in the Continental Village, Westchester Lakes and Dogwood Road areas on Sunday, Dec. 9. If the weather’s bad, Santa will ride on Sunday, Dec. 16.

A schedule of when Santa expects to be in the area appears below. The fire company asks that children are ready to meet Santa at the appropriate time, especially if photos will be taken. This will help Santa keep to his schedule and keep other parents from having to repeatedly answer the question, “When will he get here??” There will be two crews visiting simultaneously.

9 a.m.  Sprout Brook and Highland; Andre and Heath, Wharton Lane and Wharton Drive

9:15    Dead end of Doris Lee, Route 9 and Jack; Dead end of Wharton, Highland and Heath, Putnam and Highland

9:30    Jack and Valerie, dead end of Valerie, Carolyn and Ruth; Dead end of Putnam, Putnam and Tryon Circle, Tryon Circle

10:00  Ruth and Jack Road, Carolyn and Jean Drive; Evans Knoll, Putnam and Steuben, dead end of Schuyler

10:15  Route 9 and Jean Drive, Susan Lane, South Mountain Pass; Steuben and Birch Terrace, Steuben and Rochambeau, Rochambeau and Sprout Brook, Gallows Hill and Valley Lane

10:30  Morgan Court, Winston Lane and Arden Drive (North), dead end of Howland; Valley Lane (then break)

11:00  Arden Drive (then break); Canopus Hollow and Old Albany Post Road, Canopus and Putnam Valley Line, Top of Red Oak

11:30  Arden Drive and Winston Lane, Upland Drive and Winston Lane, Upland Drive and Cliffside Court, Ferris Drive and Winston Lane; Dogwood and Albany Post Road, Brook Place and Carpenter Avenue, Crescent Hill Drive, Radio Terrace, Dogwood and Pump House

11:45  Winston Lane and Ox Yoke, Ox Yoke and Highland; Gallows Hill and Aqueduct, Aqueduct and Lake

12:00  Highland between Ox Yoke and Winston; Top of Ridge Road, Mountain Drive

12:15  Dead end of Aqueduct, Aqueduct and Allen, Allen and Morris

12:30  Old Albany Post Road at end of district; Aqueduct and Morris, Gallows Hill and Sprout Brook, Sprout Brook and Schuyler

12:45  Old Albany Post Road and Sprout Brook; Sprout Brook and Strang

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