Happy New Year from Philipstown.info

Photo by Maggie Benmour

Photo by Maggie Benmour

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  1. How beautiful is the Bandstand? We have Ed Trimbal and the hardworking highway to thank for that.

    Whatever happened to the large lighted tree that from 1985 to 1992 was placed in the park on lower Main Street next to the information booth? If I remember correctly, the park was designed with a large circular seating area to accommodate the tree. Doc Giachinta would cut and haul the tree down from Glenwood farms, Jerry Allen would donate his bucket truck to decorate the top, and Mackey Budney and I would haul out the strings of lights to wrap the tree in. I believe one year the tree was so large it took 5,000 lamps to accomplish the task.

    The tree could be seen all the way up to town hall and was a focal point of the holiday season. Then the children with the fire trucks and the Haldane band would march down Main Street to sing songs and await Santa Claus. Now that was the way to start the season and put Cold Spring on the “place to be at Christmas” map! Yes, it took volunteers and some effort on the part of some business owners, but it was worth it.