Nature and Love: Subjects of Shows at Gallery 66 NY Opening Feb. 1

Linda Speziale to perform love songs on First Friday

Gallery 66 NY presents two exhibits: Nature as Metaphor and Des Moments d’Amour. The shows will be on display Feb. 1-24, with an opening reception on Cold Spring’s First Friday, Feb. 1 from 6 to 9 p.m. at 66 Main St.

Carla Goldberg Water 1

‘Water 1’ by Carla Goldberg (Photo courtesy of Gallery 66 NY)

Nature as Metaphor is an exhibition of works by Carla Goldberg of Cold Spring and Leigh Taylor Mickelson of Ossining, where each artist interprets her vision of the essence of organic forms in nature. While neither artist copies nature true to life, both use references from the natural world. Through art, there is an opportunity to capture nature’s tremendous power and immense tranquility.

For Goldberg, her approach to nature reveals itself through the fluidity of meandering lines and intricate and delicate patterns expressed as shadows and shimmering light on the surface of water and just below the surface. Her imagery is rooted in that innocent childhood memory of water. For Mickelson, it is the private “business” of flowering plants that reveals a world that mimics human interaction. Forms found inside plants, once magnified, divulge a beauty that is regrettably unseen by the naked eye. Her work reveals this essence of beauty and celebrates nature’s will to attract and therefore produce.

Mickelson Albifora

‘Albifora’ by Leigh Taylor Mickelson (Photo courtesy of Gallery 66 NY)

The back gallery exhibit of Des Moments d’Amour, or moments of love, is a group show that features art relating to all forms of love: real, sensual, requited and abstract. Twenty artists’ works will be displayed portraying their visions of love in all its glory.

Opera singer Linda Speziale will give a special musical performance of love songs on opening night, Feb. 1, at 7:30 p.m. She will be accompanied by Jenna Van der Merwe on guitar.

For more information, call Gallery 66 NY at 845-809-5838 or visit

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