Tibetan Songs and Stories

On Jan. 31, Loten Namling presented a concert of Tibetan songs and stories at St. Philip’s Church in Garrison.

Namling has performed all over the world, playing his dranyen (Tibetan lute) and singing traditional Tibetan songs. Currently based in Switzerland, he is touring the United States playing Tibetan music and telling stories about his life. His songs and stories take the listener on a complex journey through the landscape of Tibetan history and spirituality.

In 2012, the musician undertook a 50-day pilgrimage across Switzerland walking and prostrating himself for over 150 miles, dragging a black coffin symbolizing the death of Tibet. He performed concerts along the way to raise awareness of the drastic situation in Tibet. Now he is extending that pilgrimage to the rest of the world. In October 2012, Namling was given the Free Spirit Award for this “Journey of Freedom” in McLeod Ganj, home of the exiled Dalai Lama.

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