St. Philip’s Celebrates at Annual Meeting

Spotlight on outgoing and incoming vestry members

At the annual meeting held Sunday, Feb. 24, the community of historic St. Philip’s Church in the Highlands thanked outgoing vestry members and welcomed newcomers to governance roles.

Senior Warden Nathaniel Prentice is retiring after a total of 10 years of service, including six as a vestry member, two years as junior warden and two years as senior warden. Incoming Senior Warden Jan Anderson thanked Nat for helping to build a strong church community and for leading the St. Philip’s congregation in maintaining the church’s financial health in the face of a serious recession. Anderson also thanked Belle Newton, who is stepping down after six years, during which time she served as clerk of the vestry.

Dan McEvoy is the new junior warden of St. Philip’s, returning to the vestry after previous service as treasurer. Lynn Carano and Terri Akbas are the two newly elected vestry members, and re-elected to the vestry are Michael McKee and Jeff Scully. Member Shelagh Speers will now serve as clerk of the vestry.

Reports from church working groups and committees covered the music program, welcoming efforts, fundraising, physical assets, charitable outreach, Sunday School, Nursery School, Youth Group, and Altar Guild. The Welcoming Committee members encouraged all to visit the church as well as St. Philip’s website and Facebook page, for ongoing updates on church activities:

For further information, contact the Rev. Frank Geer at 845-424-3571.

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