Letters: Cold Spring Election

Dear Editor:

The activities of the village that capture the most attention — in reporting, in meetings and in sidewalk conversations — are issues that push the village government to address immediate concerns: current year tax implications, the Butterfield development and successful management of Cold Spring’s operations. What encourages me about Stephanie Hawkins’s commitment to the village and the platform that she has put forward is that even as she is dedicating herself to solving the immediate, she is looking to the future. Her focus on infrastructure, strong budgeting and responsible zoning will provide the foundation for us to create the Cold Spring that we want to live in five, 10 or even 20 years from now.

While I don’t know what that Cold Spring will look like, I think that our village government should be actively discussing, thinking and planning for that future. Without a well-laid foundation I know that we will constantly be forced to address the immediate, and rather than shaping our own future, it will be shaped for us. I appreciate Stephanie’s commitment to laying the foundation for that future, and think that her vision and energy will be a real asset as a village trustee.

John Hedlund

Dear Editor:

It is not very often that Candy and I publicly endorse a candidate for local office. In the case of Stephanie Hawkins we are making a rare exception. Equally unusual is the fact that we both agree on our support for her candidacy. Ms. Hawkins has already made immeasurable contributions to our community and she will make an excellent trustee.

We feel she will work to make the Village Board one that looks out for the best interests of all of the village residents. She will bring to the Village Board a woman’s perspective and the desire to build on the work that so many others have already invested. Most importantly however, she will bring to our government a sense of inclusiveness as opposed to the hubris which some claim to be “passion.” Only by working together can the village take on the challenges we face. We feel that Stephanie offers our best hope for that. We urge our fellow Cold Spring residents to vote for her.

Al and Candy Zgolinski
Cold Spring

Dear Editor:

I am so delighted we have such a dedicated, smart, hard-working woman running for trustee on our Cold Spring Village Board.

I’ve known Stephanie Hawkins for the last couple of years. Not only is she a seemingly endless source of energy and ideas, she is a person who gets work done. My husband worked alongside her and a handful of others to found the Cold Spring Film Society, which quickly became a staple of summer in Cold Spring. Stephanie was instrumental to making the CSFS what it is. Her hard work with budgets and permits kept the group solvent. She reached out to the Village Board and worked with Trustee Bruce Campbell to bring CSFS to Dockside and turn a dream into a reality.

Stephanie doesn’t like the limelight; she prefers to work behind the scenes. So I was surprised when she decided to run for trustee, as it would put the focus on her. But that just tells you how much she loves this community, that she’s decided to make this run for the good of our village.

There’s been a lot of drama in recent months at Village Hall. Despite being a board member of the Depot Theatre, Stephanie doesn’t do drama. She has a proven track record of playing well with others. And that’s what we need on our Village Board. I’m also glad Bruce Campbell is running for re-election. Bruce has been one of the most dedicated members of our community, serving on the Village Board AND the School Board, working to improve and protect the wonderful place we call home.

I’m voting for Stephanie Hawkins and Bruce Campbell, and I hope you will, too!

Maia Guest
Cold Spring

Dear Editor:

Michael Bowman is running for village trustee in the next election. I believe that he is very qualified to fulfill the duties of this elected office. He believes in open government, transparency and accountability. I feel that he will look at the big picture, not just bits and pieces, and do what is right for the residents of our village. Most people distrust politicians, but I trust him completely. I believe that he can once again bring back the trust that is lacking in our village.  Please join me and elect Michael Bowman on March 19, 2013.

Cheryl Allen
Cold Spring

One thought on “Letters: Cold Spring Election

  1. I am a relative newcomer to Cold Spring but I keep bumping into Stephanie and her good sense, her energy and her generosity of spirit. That’s a good combination for any elected official. I am lucky to be a Cold Spring voter.