Laura Gurton to Exhibit at Hudson Beach Gallery

Abstract paintings open on Second Saturday, March 9

Painting by Laura Gurton (Photo courtesy of Hudson Beach Gallery)

Painting by Laura Gurton (Photo courtesy of Hudson Beach Gallery)

Abstract painter Laura Gurton, who is based in Woodstock, will be showing recent paintings at Hudson Beach Gallery, 162 Main St. in Beacon, from March 9 through April 7. There will be an opening reception on Second Saturday, March 9, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Gurton’s paintings evolve from a refined process of balancing chance and control. The artist’s method, refined over several years, makes use of both oil paint and resin. The interactions of these two media are complex and sometimes difficult to predict, requiring a deft touch and an acute sense of timing.

The resulting images are composed of multiple layers of translucent glazes imparting levels of depth and revealing patterns analogous to microscopic cellular forms. With each layer, these forms overlap, evoking the passage of time. Gurton states that her work reflects her admiration for all scientific investigations. Her in-depth study of how chance and control can be made to work together ultimately results in an expressive representation of nature’s beauty in its primary elements.

For more information about Laura Gurton, contact Suzanne Ball at Van Brunt Projects via email at [email protected] or by phone at 917-327-1351, or visit the artist’s website,

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