Group Acupuncture Offered at Art Studio Beginning March 18

Studio 502 and HVCA partner healing arts with fine art

In a unique collaboration between the worlds of art and health, Hudson Valley Community Acupuncture will begin offering their services at Studio 502, an artist’s studio and gallery, at 502 Main St. in Beacon. Beginning on Monday, March 18, HVCA will offer sliding-scale, group-setting acupuncture treatments every Monday night thereafter from 5 to 8 p.m.

“Studio 502 is an ideal space for ‘community’ acupuncture,” said acupuncturist Evan Schwartz. He added, “With its high ceilings, wide open space, soft lighting and beautiful works of art lining the walls, this gallery provides a serene space for this ancient Chinese healing modality.”

Community acupuncture is a grassroots movement of acupuncturists with over 300 clinics nationwide. Their mission is to create access to traditional Chinese medicine by removing the barrier of cost. They do this by simply treating in a group setting. HVCA charges on a non-income-dependent sliding scale of $20-40. The patient decides how much they can afford.

Treatments occur in a quiet common room while patients rest in recliners. They use points on the scalp, neck and below the elbows and knees to treat the entire body, so there’s no need to undress.

Acupuncture can even address back pain by treating points on the wrists and ankles. Many clients of community acupuncture simply come to relax and de-stress from their busy lives.

Studio 502 features the artwork of Maria Lago. “I am interested in our origins, in pre-mythological man and his integration into the surrounding world. This concern is present at the beginning of all of my paintings, whether they depict a landscape, an animal or a studio interior,” Lago stated.

To find out more about Studio 502, visit or call 914-844-8739. For more information on HVCA, visit or call 845-220-8435.

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