Letters: Remember to Vote on March 19

Michael Bowman for trustee

Dear Editor:

Since 2010 I have had the privilege of being the secretary of Cold Spring Fire Company No. 1. One of the important aspects of this position is to have a good standing relationship with all of the company officers, but especially the president. My colleague in that position is Michael Bowman. Michael has held the office of president with integrity, honesty and a heartfelt desire to serve the members of the Fire Company. He has always been available to assist me with any fire company business in a timely and consistent fashion.

The Village of Cold Spring needs a person like Michael Bowman as a trustee. He will bring with him that same integrity, honesty and heartfelt desire to serve this community as he has the fire company. I firmly believe that as a village trustee he will be open to listen to all village residents whether he agrees with them or not in helping to make the Village of Cold Spring the best it can be for all of us.

It has been an honor to serve with Michael Bowman as an administrative officer of the Cold Spring Fire Company and I look forward to casting my vote for him.

If you crave to see unity within the Village of Cold Spring, you will vote for Michael Bowman on March 19.

Lillian D. Moser

Vote … but not on Butterfield

Dear Editor:

There seems to be a bit of a buzzing noise out there in the background of the election … an irritating buzz that village residents should vote for one candidate or the other based on the candidate’s support or lack of support for a Senior Center.

Do not make your vote based on that issue. And the reason I say this is that we have three thoughtful residents stepping up to the plate, and once the dust of elections settles, they will deal with the issue in much the same way. They will ask, “How is it being paid for?” and “Can we do it?” The candidates all know that it’s ultimately the county who will decide if a Senior Center happens, because our small budget needs to address far more pressing infrastructure issues.

It’s not that anyone is saying the seniors are not important. They are just saying, “Show us the money, and we will make it happen.” Do vote, but not on this issue.

Judith Rose

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