Two Exhibits Open at Gallery 66 NY April 5

Collages and sculpture garden featured

Gallery 66 NY announces two exhibits opening on Friday, April 5, with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m.

In Cuts and Assemblages, an exhibition featuring the collage artistry of Polly King, Anita Jacobson and Betty McGeehan, the artists begin with familiar objects and images and transform them into surreal works of fantasy and whimsy.

Jacobson fabricates exotic creatures and bizarre portraits from everyday objects in nature. King places linear renderings within a context of colors and patterns that appear at once familiar yet strange. McGeehan demonstrates a remarkable skill in giving new life to found objects — antique tools, musical instruments, children’s games — by uniting them into her works. Cuts and Assemblages will run through April 28.

The Sacred Garden is an exhibit that will be featured in both Gallery 66 NY’s middle gallery and outdoor sculpture garden. The works of many artists will comprise the “garden.”

The creations of Tjokorda Gde Arsa Artha are inspired by mythology, nature, and the folk tales of his native Bali. Joe Pimentel created his vibrant mandalas after an art residency in Bali. For her part, Janine Lambers used a combination of painting, carving and gilding to give her large Buddha creation the feeling of safety and tranquility that permeates the exhibit. Diana M. Carulli is a sculptor with a special interest in participatory public art and is creating a special labyrinth for the garden. James Murray’s large metal sculpture and stone bench invites sitting meditation, while the female clay figures of Ada Cruz reflect a deep serenity.

The indoor exhibition of The Sacred Garden will run through April 28 and the outdoor exhibition will end June 16. Gallery 66 NY is located at 66 Main St. in Cold Spring. For more information, call 845-809-5838 or go to

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