Matteawan Gallery Shows Meyer-Ebrecht’s Works

Opening reception in Beacon May 4

Matteawan Gallery will present Björn Meyer-Ebrecht: Constructions from May 4 through June 1, featuring works in several mediums, including painting, sculpture and collage. An opening reception will be held Saturday, May 4, 5 – 8 p.m.

'Untitled (market stall)' by Bjorn Meyer-Ebrecht (Photo courtesy of Matteawan Gallery)

‘Untitled (market stall)’ by Bjorn Meyer-Ebrecht

For this exhibition, Meyer-Ebrecht created a group of wooden floor sculptures that are meant to be walked on, becoming part of the gallery itself. These works relate to an ongoing interest in architecture and how it engages with people and the world around them. Meyer-Ebrecht views architecture as not simply a means in itself, but understands it, in his words, “as an imprint of society, just as a chair can be seen as the imprint of the human body.” In this regard, architecture is nothing less than a document of social ideas and historic shifts in culture.

For Meyer-Ebrecht, architecture doesn’t need to be on a grand scale but can be a simple structure that defines a space. The painting Untitled (market stall) features two men assembling a wooden framework in a public square. In this work, parts of a photograph are painted over with red, yellow, blue and gray forms, obscuring what is below while creating a new image. In his wall-mounted book cover sculptures, the pages of a book are removed and the cover cut into pieces and reassembled. Meyer-Ebrecht explains that he was thinking about the book’s own architecture “with the cloth-cover functioning as a façade of sorts.”

Matteawan Gallery, at 464 Main St. in Beacon, is open Friday and Saturday from noon to 5 p.m., and Sunday by appointment. For additional information, visit or contact Karlyn Benson, [email protected] or 845-440-7901.

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