Water Main Relining Work Moves Down Main Street Past 9D

Discoloration may occur Wednesday as bypass piping hooked up

The Cold Spring Village Office announced that Mainlining Services Inc. crews began cleaning and lining the 10-inch, cast-iron water main this week. They continue to work at an impressive pace, relative to last fall, according to Water Superintendent Greg Phillips. “There have been a few hiccups along the way, mainly due to old isolation valves on side streets needing to be replaced,” Phillips noted.

Newly cleaned and cement-lined 10-inch water main, in the vicinity of Pearl Street (Photo courtesy of Cold Spring Water Department)

Newly cleaned and cement-lined 10-inch water main, in the vicinity of Pearl Street
(Photo courtesy of Cold Spring Water Department)

The next phase will involve feeding areas of the distribution system south of Main Street and west of the Metro-North Railroad tracks with water supply via bypass piping. This will occur at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 8. Flow changes in these areas may cause a period of discoloration.

Beginning Monday, May 13, crews will be activating services on the bypass piping below the 9D intersection. After this is complete, they will begin manipulating valves on side streets to assess their need for replacement. This will also lead to some discoloration.

Water Department personnel have been utilizing fire hydrants with low-flow flushing fixtures to aid in clearing the system in events such as this, according to Phillips. “We’re doing our best to ease the disruption in the system, and to assist residents and businesses during the project,” he concluded.

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