Letter: Jennifer Daly for Haldane BOE

Dear Editor:

A few weeks back I spent a good deal of time with Jennifer Daly, a candidate for the upcoming Haldane Board of Education election, talking about issues and what’s involved with being a school board member. Jennifer reached out to myself as well as others who have had experience serving the Haldane community. We talked about issues ranging from the Common Core standards to school budget difficulties and the upcoming labor negotiations the board will face when three major bargaining unit contracts expire in June 2014.

I came away very impressed with the degree of homework Jennifer had done prior and her ability to ask good questions on complicated issues. Jennifer is a former tenured public school educator and small business owner who weathered her company through a tough recession. She seems to have the skill set that would make for a great addition to the Haldane Board. Having a business head is something that will complement the district as it navigates through some tough waters these next few years. She’s a fresh face locally but one that I believe will be around for awhile representing our community. Please come out and vote on May 21 and support Haldane’s budget as well as Jennifer’s candidacy.

Joe Curto
Former President of Haldane Board of Education
Cold Spring

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