Garden Club, Coill Dubh Masonry Renovate GUFS Flagpole Base

Garrison School's renovated flagpole base (Photo courtesy of GUFS)

Garrison School’s renovated flagpole base (Photo courtesy of GUFS)

For the past year, members of the Philipstown Garden Club (PGC) have worked to restore the base of the flagpole at the Garrison Union Free School.

PGC’s April Aguayo, Donna Doyle, Betty Monroe, Claire Ruckel and Catherine Treuter took on the community service project with help from Garrison School’s Dick Timmons and Brian Brutting and John Duggan of Coill Dubh Masonry. Their efforts transformed the bare space into a landscape equipped with plants and flowers.

Master Mason Duggan volunteered to create a border of Belgian block around PGC’s plantings, providing his own services as well as the cost of labor and materials. Plants were purchased for the project through the generosity of the Philipstown Garden Club and the Garrison School PTA.

“We are grateful for all of the time John Duggan and the dedicated members of the Philipstown Garden Club put into restoring the flagpole area,” said Garrison School Principal Stephanie Impellittiere. “Thanks to their efforts and the donations from the community, the American flag at the Garrison School has never looked better.”

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