Severe Weather Expected Thursday and Overnight

The National Weather Service has notified Putnam County officials of the potential for severe weather today and overnight. While the storm will subside by early Friday, moderate to light rain with some winds will stay in our area through most of the day Friday. The storm is expected to arrive after 8 a.m. Thursday with rain and winds increasing in intensity throughout the day.

The heaviest rain is expected after 2 p.m., with total rainfall of three to four inches, which may result in flooding. Winds are expected to reach peak speeds overnight with possible sustained winds of 17 mph and gusts of 30 mph, which may cause power outages

“During times of crisis a small amount of pre-planning can make a big difference,” said County Executive MaryEllen Odell. “Plan for several days with no power, have your disaster supplies ready including a supply of essential medications, water and non-perishable food before the storm hits.”

Essential Disaster Supplies

Flashlight with extra batteries
Battery operated radio, extra batteries
Cell phone, fully charged.  Spare battery if available
First-aid kit
Emergency Food and water (1 gallon per person/per day)
Extra clothes
Non-electric can opener
Essential medications, prescriptions
Checkbook, cash, credit/ATM cards

Remember to check on neighbors and family members that need special assistance. If emergency assistance is needed from Police, Fire or EMS, dial 9-1-1.

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