The Putnam History Museum board invites the community to their annual lawn party, this year taking place at the historic Benjamin and Tinky Frazier house at 40 Coyote Rise, Garrison, now the home of Jennifer and Joseph Mercurio.

The historic Benjamin and Tinky Frazier house, site of the party
The historic Benjamin and Tinky Frazier house, site of the party

This year’s theme will be “Hats off to Our Hosts” in honor of Benjamin Frazier for serving as president of the Putnam Historical Museum (then known as the Putnam County Historical Society) and leading the transition effort of the Boscobel home to the nationally recognized destination that it is today. The party will take place on July 13 (rain date July 14) from 5 to 7 p.m.

As a “hat’s off” tribute to the honoree, lawn party guests are encouraged to don their favorite lawn party hats or even create their own. In addition to the “summer whites” attire, hats have often been part of the Putnam History Museum annual lawn party tradition.

This summer’s event will feature a hat competition that will be judged in the following categories:

• Most Original – be it your own creation, an old favorite or a new find, this category is calling for the unique and innovative hats;

• Most “Boscobel” – Honoring the Federal home and gardens, along with the historic contributions of Ben Frazier, this category is looking for the most “Boscobel” influenced hat;

• Most “PUNK: Chaos to Couture” – This DIY category is inspired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s latest Costume Institute exhibition and encourages the do-it-yourself method of hat creation.

Winning lawn party hats will receive prizes ranging from the locally inspired to a day at the Met. Hats will be judged by members of the community who have contributed in some form to the world of fashion and design:

• Gale Epstein, designer and founder of Hanky Panky Lingerie

• Bill Hicks, current president of the Putnam History Museum and former hat contest winner

• Charlotte Palmer Lane, costume designer for major and independent film, television and theater

• Irene O’Garden, author, poet and performer

• Lithgow Osborne, designer and manager of Malmaison Antiques in Manhattan

The Putnam History Museum Board’s annual lawn party is an outdoor social gathering in the 19th-century Hudson Highlands tradition. Each year, community members and history lovers gather to celebrate and raise funds to support the museum’s mission and programming. The lawn party planning committee includes co-chairs Jody Sayler and Christy Guzzetta, and committee members Laura Lee Holmbo, Ed Preusser, Paula and John Provet, Doris Shaw and Nic Taylor.

Tickets are $50 in advance through, $60 at the door. RSVP by July 8 to 845-265-4010 or

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