Prostitution Arrests Made at Two Putnam County ‘Health Spas’

Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith reports the arrest of two New York City women on criminal charges stemming from allegedly operating brothels disguised as “health spas” in Putnam County.

On June 19, members of the Sheriff’s Narcotics Enforcement Unit contacted two local health spas and made appointments for massages. In each case, upon arrival of the undercover deputy, he was greeted by a female employee and escorted to a back room where a price was negotiated for the massage and a sexual act. After cash was exchanged, additional narcotics investigators entered the establishment and arrested the employee.

Hui Ren, 53 years old, of Flushing, Queens, was employed at Amy Spa located at 2469 Route 6 in the Town of Southeast when she was taken into custody.

Later that evening, 48-year-old You Hua Han of Flushing, Queens, who worked at Healthy Spa located at Bryant Pond Road, Putnam Valley, was also arrested.

Both Ren and Han were charged with prostitution, a class B misdemeanor, and unauthorized practice of a profession (massage therapy) without a license. The latter charge is a class E felony under the New York State Education Law. They were released without bail pending future court appearances.

In January of this year, another woman was arrested and charged in a similar incident while operating the Bei Jing Spa in Putnam Valley.

Code enforcement officers from both Southeast and Putnam Valley have been notified of the businesses operating within their towns.

If convicted of the most serious criminal charge, the defendants may be sentenced to a term of up to four years in a New York state correctional facility as determined by a court.

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