Story Rush, a kindergarten teacher from Greenwood, Ark., fires an M1919 Browning .30 caliber machine gun on the first night of OFASTS (Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show).    Photo by Peter Muller, courtesy of Fovea Exhibitions
Story Rush, a kindergarten teacher from Greenwood, Ark., fires an M1919 Browning .30 caliber machine gun on the first night of OFASTS (Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show).  Photo by Peter Muller

Fovea is proud to present The Gun Show, a group exhibit.  Curated by Neil Harris of Time Magazine, this photographic survey features the works of seven American photojournalists and photographers — Jesse Burke, Ty Cacek, Barbara Davidson, Drew Ludwig, Jon Lowenstein, Pete Muller, and Erin Trieb — who share their individual perspectives on domestic gun culture. The exhibit, which opened July 13, runs through Oct. 6.

The stories as a whole present the viewer with a broader understanding of our fellow citizens’ relationship to guns, underscoring Fovea’s mission to use the medium of photography to promote understanding of current and social events to the public.

Additional programming includes A Son Down, After Sun Down, a short film by Christopher Zino Sarmiento to be screened at 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 10. The documentary explores gun violence in Newburgh and Poughkeepsie and will be followed by a discussion with the director, joined by Monte Frank from the Newtown Action Alliance and Andy Pelosi, president of the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus.

Presented in conjunction with the The Gun Show, this event is followed by a public reception. Suggested admission is $5. Fovea Exhibitions is located at 143 Main St., Beacon. Visit their website at or call 845-202-3443.

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