Works of Lowell Boyers, Sean Capone and Taro Suzuki to be presented

"Lavender Wish Whsssh" by Lowell Boyers
“Lavender Wish Whsssh” by Lowell Boyers

Marion Callis Fine Art presents MCF_A  @ Cold Spring 2, a group exhibition opening for Cold Spring’s First Friday, Aug. 2, with a reception from 6 to 8 p.m. The exhibition features new and recent paintings, works on paper, and video by Manhattan-based artists Lowell Boyers, Sean Capone, and Taro Suzuki.  The exhibition, curated by Marion Callis, is located at 15 Main St., (side entrance) in Cold Spring.

Lowell Boyers’ paintings on canvas and works on paper are expressionistic images of courageous figures in exuberant environments comprised of  “…rich gardens of flowers, star stuff, wind and water,” and refer to the abundance, joy, fertility, and majesty of the world that is accessible in any moment. Each painting implies that there is no distinction between the inside and outside of the figures, whose movement evokes music and energy with the artist’s diaphanous pours of paint.

Sean Capone is a video artist, photographer, and animator known for his large-scale digital projections on architectural spaces and facades. Capone transforms the built environment with moving image compositions that blur the line between painterly pattern-and-decoration, visual effects, and cinematic-media perceptions of space.

"Untitled" by Taro Suzuki
“Untitled” by Taro Suzuki

Taro Suzuki’s process informs the lush painted surfaces and vibrant color of his canvases and works on paper; for him, “Primary to my practice is process. When I pull a color across a canvas, it is the artifacts left behind by the tool, the mistakes, the unexpected results that I embrace as the story of my interaction with the world around me. Art making is a journey that involves constant rejection of strategies. Raised on urban modernism, my journey has brought me to … the poetry of happenstance, now filtered through a minimalist lens.”

MCF_A @ Cold Spring 2 is open from noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays, 1 to 5 p.m. Sundays, and by appointment. For more information, contact Marion Callis at 860-450-6445 or [email protected].

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