Boscobel Plans Fall Friends of Boscobel Membership Campaign

Program established as new committee of board of directors

Steven Miller, Executive Director of Boscobel House & Gardens announced plans last week for a fall membership campaign. The revitalized Friends of Boscobel program will enjoy new status as a committee of the Boscobel Board. The structure will expand museum benefits and enhancements for existing and future Friends of Boscobel.

The plan is part of board-directed development initiatives that will include annual fundraising solicitations and other customary support activities, the benefits of which will be especially directed towards Boscobel’s educational endeavors. To this end, Boscobel created the new position of Museum Educator, which is now filled by Lisa DiMarzo, an experienced regional museum education professional.

Boscobel has long welcomed members as Friends of Boscobel. The Friends are appreciated for their support of the historically acclaimed mansion, its collections, programs and land, which boasts one of America’s great views. The scenic vista of the Hudson River and its Highlands is iconic and a stunning attraction in its own right. But, it is the landmark Boscobel mansion that commands attention far and wide as one of the country’s finest and most important homes documenting the Federal period in the nation’s history.

Speaking of the integration of the Friends of Boscobel into Boscobel’s proactive development program, Miller noted that, “We have long been deeply appreciative of the role members play as partners in our work to preserve, celebrate and assure a viable future for an extraordinary American legacy.

The Friends of Boscobel members program not only supports the work of the staff, board of directors and volunteers, but participants enjoy our wide array of programs and activities as well. We look forward to greatly expanding this valued group as an integral part of our development activities. We are also very pleased that board member and Vice President Alex Reese, whose mother was a long-time Director of Boscobel and who founded the Friends of Boscobel, has agreed to serve as the initial Chairman of this Friends of Boscobel Committee. Donna Blaney, our highly experienced Marketing & Events Manager, is the staff liaison.”

For more information, visit or call 845-265-3638.

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