Town Board Votes to Issue $550,000 Bond for Community Center Boiler Upgrade

Replacing aging infrastructure

By Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong

The Philipstown Town Board Monday (Aug. 12) voted to issue $550,000 in bonds to pay for replacement of the boiler at the Claudio Marzollo Community Center, also known as the town Recreation Center, in Garrison.

In a brief meeting, Supervisor Richard Shea and Councilors John Van Tassel, Dave Merandy, and Betty Budney adopted a resolution on the bonding, subject to a permissive referendum – which means the approval stands, as long as no members of the public successfully contest the bond issuance.  The action came five days after the board voted to award the contract for the work, expected to cost $536,000. The project involves not only installation of a new boiler but asbestos abatement and removal and replacement of an underground oil tank.

Although the building in question is the community center, the name on the legal bond documents refers to the worksite as “St. Mary’s.” Originally, when the site served as a private religious facility, that was the name attached to it.

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