Exploring possibility of temporary customer service trailer

It has yet to be determined where operations will be based once the village post office on Chestnut Street reaches the end of its two-year building lease Aug. 31.

Adjacent to Foodtown, the post office currently rents its space from Dan Katz, owner of the supermarket, under a sublease. However, plans to expand the grocery store into the present post office location has left the Cold Spring Village Board, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals to decide where the business will relocate at the end of the month.

George Flood, a U.S. Postal Service spokesperson for Westchester and the surrounding area, told The Paper the post office is exploring the possibility of a temporary customer service trailer in Cold Spring where locals will be able to purchase stamps and send packages. A location for the trailer has not been announced.

As far as establishing a permanent retail space, Flood identified a potential merger between the Garrison and Cold Spring post offices. “We’d have to modify the Garrison post office in order for this to work,” he said. “Cold Spring carriers would work out of the Garrison office … nobody would lose their job.”

Additional properties are under consideration for the site of the new office. According to Flood, a number of factors must be taken into consideration before deciding upon a location, including a space requirement of approximately 900 square feet and the influx of traffic due to deliveries to and from the post office.

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Bengel is a freelance writer based in Cold Spring.

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  1. Where are all the “experts” and “saviors” now? Cold Spring sure showed ’em who was the boss! Looks like the joke’s on us.
    Enjoy the ride to Garrison for stamps.

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