decomposer to Perform at Collaborative Concepts Farm Project on Aug. 31

The collaborative art group decomposer will explore the interaction between sight and sound in space as part of the Collaborative Concepts’ Performance Art On The Farm. Many Centers One Song is decomposer’s debut performance and will take place in a cow pasture at Saunders’ Farm, at 2:30 p.m. on Aug. 31, in Garrison. There is a rain date of Sept. 1. The performance art program, along with dozens of sculptures, is part of the Collaborative Concepts Farm Project 2013.

decomposerFor Many Centers One Song, decomposer asked local artists and musicians to participate in creating a “song” by following a set of instructions. Meeting for the first time on the day of the performance, 30 to 40 players will improvise with instruments including bagpipes, bass violin, djembe drum, flute, banjo, trombone, radio, and clarinet. Starting in a single circle in the center of a large cow pasture, the players will fan out across the field while improvising with other players that are within earshot.

This will create a chain reaction where all the music is interconnected but only parts of it can be heard at a time. The players play until they are finished.

The song that is played will evolve over time and throughout the space. The audience is invited to walk among the players to hear the multiple new centers of song. How it goes will be a surprise for all.

Performance Art On The Farm was curated by Marcy Freedman, who will perform her piece From Tree to Tree and Back Again (2 to 6 p.m.). Other performances include Steve Rossi, Reciprocal Ladder To Roll (2 to 4 p.m.), Tara Vamos, Ephemeral You (2 to 4 p.m.) and Maria Driscoll McMahon, Blue (noon to 2 p.m.).

Saunders Farm is located at 853 Old Albany Post Road, Garrison. For more information, visit and

2 thoughts on “decomposer to Perform at Collaborative Concepts Farm Project on Aug. 31

  1. The Saunders Farm Project 2013 is one of the most incredible art exhibits in NY State, let alone Putnam County. The list of artists includes creators in every genre who have contributed their own unique work and process to the show. This event is a major attraction for Putnam County yet it is not being promoted at all by Mrs. Pataki’s Tourism Agency. There is absolutely no mention of this important event on the website, even though there is a calendar and a section for Arts and Culture that says “we want to open your eyes to the offerings at all our area venues.”

    The Saunders Farm Project is recognized as a major site specific art event with a very large audience of people who come from all over to experience the beauty and creativity on display. What a shame that our own County ignores it while pretending to promote the arts. By the way, thanks to our tax dollars, the Tourism Budget was just given a substantial increase.