The race for Putnam County Sheriff this year has two candidates who are diametrically opposed in their beliefs, values and principles.

On the one hand, the current sheriff, Don Smith, is a lifelong Republican who has throughout his life espoused and lived up to Republican principles; he isn’t just a Republican when he runs for office every four years. He works for the principles he believes in each and every day.

Last year, Sheriff Smith worked hard to support Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, headed an organization called Veterans for Romney, served on Gov. Romney’s Military Advisory Committee, and was a delegate at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

His opponent, on the other hand, is a flip-flopper and seems to use his party affiliation for his own personal gain; he is a Republican when he wants to be appointed to a police chief position in a governmental agency and he changes his registration to Democrat when he wants to use that party to advance his own political career. He then flips back to being a Republican to advance his own personal gain. In fact, you heard nothing from him last year when the country really needed his help.

Sheriff Don Smith is a career public servant who served in the United States Military before becoming Deputy County Executive and being elected sheriff, and has served with honor and integrity as the sheriff for the past 12 years.

His opponent’s law enforcement experience is very narrow and does not include the operation of a jail, civil bureau, narcotics enforcement unit, an emergency response team, marine unit, all of which are the responsibility of the sheriff of Putnam County. Sheriff Smith’s opponent only served as the chief of a department for two years and departed “suddenly” without any explanation.

To the citizens of Putnam County, all I can say is, please do not be fooled. Do not fall for the rhetoric and false promises and help a guy whose only apparent motive is a “jobs program” for himself.

Please support our Putnam County Sheriff, Don Smith, who is a proven performer, dedicated public servant and has brought law enforcement and emergency services together to make Putnam County the safest county in New York State.

Please support Sheriff Don Smith who is truly a man for all seasons.

Carla Marin

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