Cold Spring Farmers’ Market to Hold Community Dinner on Sept. 11

11th annual fundraiser

The fun and affordable Cold Spring Farmers’ Market (CSFM) Community Dinner will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 11, at The Garrison. The annual fundraiser draws a crowd of more than 250, with a mixture of market shoppers, farmers, vendors, and fresh-food lovers.

CSFM has developed a series of programs featured every Saturday to make the market more of a community destination. Programs so far included Spanish at the market for kids, jam making, a mushroom cooking demonstration, and a Tom Chapin concert.

Ava Bynum, CSFM co-manager, believes “having programs at the market brings in new shoppers who can see what a wonderful resource the market is. And most importantly these programs help kids feel like the market has a lot to offer them, and they can feel engaged not only by farmers, but with the entire community.”

The event is affordable because of the generosity of farmers and vendors and The Garrison. Vendors donate a large portion of the food or sell at wholesale cost. The Garrison donates space, cooking and wait staff at no cost to CSFM.

Local musical trio Gillian’s Island – Susan English, Roberto Muller, and Margaret Vetare – will play during the cocktail hour.

The dinner is CSFM’s only fundraiser, generating a large proportion of the operating budget. The CSFM works hard to ensure that the 27 vendors have what they need to make the market one of their favorites. “Our goal is to support local, regional, and sustainable commercial farms. We try to meet that goal keeping vendor rents affordable and attracting shoppers,” says Krystal Ford, CSFM co-manager.

Reservations are encouraged and can be made at the market table on Saturdays or at [email protected], or by leaving a message at 845-661-1460.  Tickets are $40/adults, $15/kids and ages 6 and under are free. If you cannot attend but would like to make a contribution, mail a check, payable to the Village of Cold Spring, with CSFM in the memo space, to the Village of Cold Spring, 85 Main St., Cold Spring, NY 10516.

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