Haldane PTA Offers Fall Enrichment Program

The Haldane PTA has announced its fall enrichment program. Registration starts at noon, Monday, Sept. 16, and closes at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 26. Classes begin the week of Sept. 30. Register online at haldanepta.org or by backpack (registration forms will be sent home with students Sept. 13).

Classes will begin at 3:10 and end at either 4:10 or 4:30 as listed (see schedule for exceptions).


· Explorer’s Club w/ P. Salmansohn:  3:10-4:30; grades 3-5; Fee: $45 ~ 6 weeks; Starts Oct 7. Hunt for tadpoles, salamanders, and crayfish; build forts, shelters, and bridges; learn to use a compass as you engage in nature games, scavenger hunts, and outdoor challenges. Come explore the woods around James Pond!
· Drama w/ L. Keifer:  3:10-4:10; grades 2-5; Fee: $90 ~ All new games, exercises and scenes for both continuing students and newcomers! Drama develops focus, concentration, self-esteem and teamwork.
· Yoga w/ J. Zern:  3:10-4:10; grades 2-5; Fee: $90 ~ Learn the basics of yoga in a lighthearted way. This class provides an introduction to poses, breathing, relaxation techniques, and even some basic philosophy.


· Sports w/ D. Dougherty:  3:10-4:45; grade 5; Fee: $90 ~ Learn how to compete in a positive manner while practicing good sportsmanship. Activities include kickball, flag football, whiffleball, capture the flag, etc.
·  EcoKids w/ C. Bakker:  3:10-4:30; grades 1-2; Fee: $70 ~ 6 weeks. Discover the wonders of nature in Haldane’s backyard as we explore trails and experience the change of seasons outdoors.
· Beginning Spanish w/ Y. Avellaneda:  3:10-4:10; grades 1-2; Fee: $90 ~ With all new material and essential review, this class continues to explore the foundations of Spanish to enable simple conversation.
· Chess w/ R. van Dommele:  3:10-4:10; grades 2-5; Fee $90 ~ Step up to the challenge of The Royal Game.  Learn the rules, piece movement and values, how to start and end; simple tactics; opening strategy, etc. Maximum enrollment is eight – focused and dedicated students only please.


·  Beg. Science w/ J. Wlodarczak and O. Sakura:  3:10-4:30; grades 1-3; Fee: $93 ~ All new experiments! Each week this class turns the fabulous questions kids ask into experiments that explore the natural world.
·   Garden Cafe w/ S. McKelvey:  3:10-4:10; grades 1-5; Fee: $93 ~ Grow it! Cook it! Eat it!  – at the Garden Cafe. Learn basic gardening as you tend the garden’s Chef-in-the-Classroom bed. Each week we will harvest something from the garden and cook up a delicious snack.
·  Bucket Drumming w/ J. B. Marcus:  3:10-4:10; grades 3-5; Fee: $90 ~ Bucket drumming is just that – banging on buckets – and is a fun way to learn to drum.  We’ll play great rhythms in a percussion orchestra; make up original compositions; explore improvisation; and learn rhythms from familiar songs. For an illustrated understanding, view this bucket drumming YouTube video.


· Focus on Drawing w/ C. Cole:  3:10-4:10; grades 2-3; Fee: $93 ~ Fun with lines! Like Harold with his purple crayon, we will explore with drawing! Learn the basics and explore new fun ways to draw.
· Young Artists Studio w/ N. T. Elton: 3:10-4:10; grades 4-5; Fee $93 ~ Join us for an art-making studio:  Painting! Collage! And Clay!  Colors, shapes, rhythm, magic and the lighting of imaginations will happen in the studio setting. Explore how color blends, shapes sing, and clay creatures light up.
· Robotics w/ LEGO Mindstorms NXT:  3:10-5:10; grades 3-5; Fee: $93, plus $42 materials fee. This 2-hour class runs only 4 weeks and must obtain at least 10 students to run.  Learn to build and program robots, then apply your skills to challenges like Sumo Wrestling or a bottle-pushing race. An introduction to basic programming concepts (repeat loops; if/then statements) and sensor use. For those with little or no experience with robotics or programming. Students do not take robots home. Robots and software can be purchased from LEGO.
· French w/ K. Kapoor: 3:10-4:10; grades 1-2; Fee: $90 ~ An introduction to French conversation and vocabulary through songs, games and playacting, along with elements of French culture and cuisine.

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