Letter: Michael Leonard Should Be Elected to Town Board

Dear Editor:

The Town Board in Philipstown has a very important seat to fill this year – the one that Betty Budney will vacate after more than 25 years of service. There are no words to sufficiently describe my appreciation for Betty’s energy, humility, and dedicated service to our community. She is, as everyone knows, a force of uncommon good. Her long legacy of accomplishments will not be an easy act to follow.

I think Michael Leonard is the best candidate to fill her vacant seat.

Mike Leonard has proven his dedication to the people of Philipstown by serving on the Planning Board, Conservation Board, and Board of Assessment. Since last year, he has also chaired the Planning Board. Mike recently told me that he serves on the boards to help people in Philipstown do what they need to do to improve their quality of life. He was initially motivated to pitch in, he says, by the friendly help he and others in Philipstown received from the Town Board to solve their difficult road problems, and he seeks to give back to our community through his service.

If you attend Town Board meetings or watch them on Cablevision you may have seen Mike. He is always there in the back of the room, reporting to the board, answering questions, helping where he can. He understands Town Board business, and he is already an important partner. I think it’s time to move Mike to the front of the room. I plan to vote for Mike for Town Board on Nov. 5, and I hope Philipstown voters will join me to re-elect Richard Shea and John Van Tassel. Together they make a capable and experienced team.


Julia Famularo
North Highlands

One thought on “Letter: Michael Leonard Should Be Elected to Town Board

  1. I would just like to say “Ibid” to Julia’s letter giving tribute to Betty Budney and a plug for Mike Leonard. I must say that Mike is one of the most genuine “nice”guys I have ever met, and his willingness to be inclusive of new people and new ideas goes well with his knowledge of our Town. He will make a fine addition to the Town Board.