This November the Town of Philipstown will go to the polls to fill two seats on the Town Board. For the past 25 years, one of those seats was distinguished by the presence of Betty Budney, whose retirement is lamented by all who know her.

Betty is a truly wonderful woman, and as a politician a model to be followed. Her true grace in leadership was distinguished by the ability to not only communicate, but to befriend everyone … Democrats, Republicans and Conservatives alike.

In a time when people are growing more and more nauseated by the party conflicts that stagnate not only our national politics, but also our local communities – I believe putting political agendas by the wayside for the betterment of everyone, is something that should be strived for.

That is why I am supporting, and voting for Lee Erickson on Nov. 5. Getting to know Lee over the past few years, through his involvement with emergency services, as a Pop Warner football coach and his community activism working toward a better zoning plan for Philipstown – I have come to know Lee as a dedicated and loving father, local businessman and an honorable member of the Philipstown community.

Very much in the mold of Mrs. Budney, I have seen Lee work with individuals, regardless of political affiliations or what lever they pull on Election Day. Just last weekend I watched as both he and present Town Councilman John Van Tassel co-coached Philipstown Pop Warner to victory, a strange circumstance to some politicians, but not to a man like Lee Erickson.

Lee believes in the people of Philipstown, not the political agendas of Philipstown, and that is why he has earned my vote. He will make a great addition to Team Philipstown.

Michael Bowman
Cold Spring

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