Divinings Exhibition Opens at Marina Gallery

Dĭvī́ ‘ ning v.t. To discover by inspiration, magic, intuition or guessing; forsee, predict, conjecture.

The Marina Gallery announces Divinings, an exhibition of new work by Ann Provan and David Provan. The exhibition runs from Nov. 1 – Dec. 1. Gallery hours are noon to 6 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

ProSer #16 (Pompeii Plumbing, detail), 2013, by David Provan

ProSer #16 (Pompeii Plumbing, detail), 2013, by David Provan

The title of the show, Divinings, refers to the process of divination where a practitioner probes into the future via non-rational means. It is also a systematic method intended to organize random facts that will provide insight into a particular problem. Historically, different methods have been used, ranging from dice to dousing rods, but the artists propose that the divining approach is similar to the creation of art and that the traces of this divination process result in the art object.

David Provan’s sculpture is designed to model universal patterns through sculptural forms:  two hollow voids suspended within a matrix of welded steel rods mimic the drama of clashing Yin-yang opposites; a block of clay hollowed out to the point where a balance is achieved between mass and void, represents an interpenetration of body and spirit. The works seek to convey the indescribable surges and flows of reality through symbolic and concrete means.

Ann Provan’s installation, Opening, depicts spatial illusions contained within a large mass of painted, acrylic disks and the implied psychological relationships between them. Her life-size head sculptures model patterns of thought or memories in elaborate configurations of carved and painted wood.

Marina Gallery is located at 153 Main St., Cold Spring. Visit themarinagallery.com.

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