Tiny Houses, Inc., to Stabilize Bannerman Castle West Tower

After being awarded a state contract, Tiny Houses, Inc., a custom design/build company of small, high-end, homes for ecologically conscious people, announced they will begin work to stabilize the west tower of the historic Bannerman Castle this month.

Accessible by boat, Pollepel Island, otherwise known as Bannerman Island, is located approximately 50 miles north of New York City and 1,000 feet off the Hudson River’s eastern bank.

The project will entail stabilizing the south and west walls of the Bannerman Castle arsenal with steel braces. This will require erecting scaffolding up to five stories high for installation of the engineered components. The materials and equipment will be shipped by barge from Whites Marina in Wappingers Falls.

If you would like to become a “Friend of the Castle,” you can join preservation efforts by writing to the Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc., P.O. Box 843, Glenham, NY 12527-0843. Visit bannermancastle.org.

One thought on “Tiny Houses, Inc., to Stabilize Bannerman Castle West Tower

  1. Is there any way of using the bricks and sections of walls toppled by storm a few years ago braced to iron rods like those to be used here? The photos provide all the needed views to copy.