Letter: Thanksgiving, Leaf Blowers and Georgia O’Keeffe

Thanksgiving … ahh … reprieve … respite … peace and quiet … sleep late … etc.
 All of the above. However, I’m thankful and in celebration (and may even overeat and imbibe a bit) for this was the first day in six weeks that I haven’t heard the annoying whine of the neighborhoods’ leaf blowers!

Why do folks hate these colorful leaves so much? So much that their selfish obsession prevails way beyond reason. And I’m not even talking carbon footprint.

What would Georgia O’Keeffe say? She moved to Ghost Ranch to escape the mind-numbing green of New York state! Perhaps these anal-retentive leaf-blowing maniacs ought to do the same. Move to a desert country rather than obsess with a war on leaves and our collective nerves.

Enjoy the day. Keep color on your palate.

John Benjamin

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