Letter: Metro-North Train Tragedy Demands Investigation

The following is text of an email sent to Governor Cuomo.

Dear Gov.,

I’m sure that you share my anger about the Metro-North train derailment and fatalities. What I imagine we both find particularly hard to understand is how this could occur. Regardless of whether the train was out-of-control due to negligence, operator error or equipment failure, it seems quite clear that the people responsible for our safety are not doing their jobs. Could that train have as easily been overtaken by terrorists during rush hour and imploded into Grand Central at an even higher rate of speed? Is it too expensive to install controls for speed limitations?

There are many other questions that should have been asked. I would guess that they were. I think ultimately the buck stops with the Metro-North board of directors. Please hold them accountable. My personal feeling is that they as a whole were negligent. There should be a thorough investigation into the Metro-North Board of Directors’ proceedings and how this event was allowed to happen. We owe that to the victims.

John Greener

One thought on “Letter: Metro-North Train Tragedy Demands Investigation

  1. Indeed, John there could be many scenarios. I hope that not only the investigation be thorough but more important that corrective measures be put into place immediately without the usual red tape. I watched Anderson Cooper’s interview with the family. I think and hope its purpose could also be a demand for public safety in what we think of as a “first world country.” Our citizens deserve this and not a public-relations campaign.