Local Roads Open

Sunshine helps with cold temps and ice

By Kevin E. Foley

As of noon today (Friday Jan. 3) all the main local town roads were declared open and passable by the Town Highway Superintendent Roger Chirico. “My people did a great job. They began work yesterday afternoon and went all through the night into the morning,” Chirico said.

The highway chief said the colder single digit temperatures are a particular challenge in clearing ice as the usual chemicals deployed are not effective below ten degrees. “We have to go with a greater sand mixture and then rely on Mother Nature’s sunshine,” he said.

Chirico said his crews reported no traffic accidents on the roads and had only minor mechanical issues during the storm response.

Schools and other institutions such as public libraries are closed today. FoodTown in Cold Spring is open and other locals shops are opening later than usual as they dig out.

State authorities opened both I-87 and I-84 earlier this morning after Governor had ordered them closed overnight to avoid accidents and stranded passengers while plowing and de-icing took place.

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