Village Water Billing Estimation Begins

Village water billing for the last quarter of 2013 will be based on an estimation of use, rather than actual meter readings, according to Superintendent of Water & Sewer Greg Phillips. Phillips cited the snow storm and frigid temperatures of the first weeks of this new year, in addition to a repair project at the wastewater treatment facility, as reasons that he could not get anyone out to perform the meter reads.

An estimation of use involves looking back to the last two years’ fourth quarter usage for each account, and averaging them. “Generally speaking, households and businesses alike use a similar amount of water during each quarter – that is to say, more in the summer, less in the winter,” Phillips stated. If the estimation is a little high or low, the next actual read in April will get the accounts back in line, he added.

Meter readings are still done manually, by walking up to each of the 916 buildings located in Cold Spring, most of Nelsonville, and a small part of Philipstown. The readings are then recorded on a card and submitted to the clerk’s office for data entry into the billing software. It takes between 3 and 5 days to get the readings completed and then several days to input the data, generate bills, and get them in the mail to property owners.

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