The Putnam County News & Recorder changed the first line of a letter I sent regarding a Jan. 8 story and subverted the meaning. My letter opened with the sentence “Tim Greco’s article in the Jan. 8 issue of the PCNR about the grant to update the zoning misrepresents the position of the Special Board.” The PCNR removed this line before running the letter in its Jan. 15 issue. A disregard for basic principles of journalism has become all too common at the PCNR, and has done great damage to this community.

If we are going to make democracy work, we citizens must have the information we need to make wise choices. Demonization of public officials, indifference to accuracy and a casual disregard for the truth undermine our democratic way of life.

Michael Armstrong
Special Board for a Comprehensive Plan/LWRP

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