Exhibit runs through March 1

Winston Roeth: Matteawan Quartet, 2014 (Photo by Tom Moore)
Winston Roeth: Matteawan Quartet, 2014 (Photo by Tom Moore)

Matteawan Gallery presents Elemental: Susan English, Winston Roeth, and Greg Slick. The exhibition opens Feb. 8, and runs through March 1, and features three artists whose abstract paintings and drawings reduce their visual information down to color, texture, and line within the framework of a sequence or series. For the viewer, the experience is akin to an encounter with natural phenomena far from the gallery walls.

English’s work is inspired by her experience of nature. Her color choices evoke walks in the woods and her changing perspective from one day to the next, depending on the light, the season, and her state of mind.

Roeth has been described as one of the best color painters of his generation. His paintings have a dense matte surface that lures the viewer into fully experiencing the nature of a color and its relation to colors around it.

Slick’s works on paper pay homage to minimalist drawing and early modernist geometric abstraction. In the three untitled works from his Settlement series, the experience of a place and its history are reduced to the most basic colors and forms.

Matteawan Gallery is located at 464 Main St., Beacon. Contact 845-440-7901 or [email protected]. Visit matteawan.com.

Susan English: Blue, 2014 (Image courtesy of Matteawan Gallery)
Susan English: Blue, 2014 (Image courtesy of Matteawan Gallery)

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