The Philipstown-North Highlands Fire District has announced that pursuant to the resolutions duly adopted by the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Philipstown-North Highlands Fire District, in the Town of Philipstown, in Putnam County, a special referendum will be held by the qualified voters of the fire district at the fire station, 504 Fishkill Road, in the Town of Philipstown, Putnam County, Feb. 11, at 6 p.m. and the polls will remain open until 9 p.m. or as much longer as may be necessary to enable the voters then present to cast their votes to vote upon the proposition.

Visit to review the new tanker referendum, which proposes authorizing the acquisition of a tanker vehicle and related apparatus, stating the estimated maximum cost not to exceed $355,000, authorizing the appropriation of an amount not to exceed $106,000 from the fire district’s capital reserve apparatus fund and authorizing the issuance of up to $250,000 of serial bonds of the fire district to finance the balance, delegating the power to issue such bonds and bond anticipation notes in anticipation of the sale of such bonds to the fire district treasurer; and providing for the levy of a tax to be collected to pay the principal of and interest on said bonds.

The voting will be conducted by paper ballot as provided by law. Every elector of the town who shall be a registered voter and have resided in the fire district for the period of 30 days prior to such special referendum at the special election shall be eligible to vote.

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