Letter: Support Francisco and MacDonald for Trustee Seats

I write to urge the voters of Cold Spring to vote for Matt Francisco and Donald MacDonald for village trustee seats. These two individuals have a history of working respectfully with all individuals, groups and causes. There is much to be done. The village issues need experienced, thoughtful and caring people to listen, study, and sort out the details and options as decisions for the future are made. We are fortunate to have Matt Francisco and Donald MacDonald in our community and willing to run for office.  I urge you to vote for them.

Kathy Plummer
Cold Spring

One thought on “Letter: Support Francisco and MacDonald for Trustee Seats

  1. I was at the lovely “Meet The Candidates” event on Sunday and was impressed with the thoughtful and collaborative attitude exhibited by both Donald MacDonald and Matt Francisco. Each candidate spoke thoughtfully and knowledgeably about the issues facing Cold Spring – and created an atmosphere of inclusiveness and dialogue with the attendees regardless of affiliation or predisposition. In an age of media attacks and backbiting it was incredibly refreshing. Donald and Matt understand that action is supported by plans and plans are made when people come together, voice opinions and collaborate.